Enchant 80 RIC Hearing Aid

Product ID: LUI150-114

RIC Hearing Aid RIC (Receiver In Canal) Enchant

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Speech variable processing with smartCompress, Smart Compress 6, Smart Compress Compression Control (Audibility,
Balanced, Comfort ), Smart Compress Gain Control (Medium), Phoneme Focus, Envelope Focus, Freq. Bandwidth 8kHz,
Fitting Bands 14, Freq. Transfer, Low Freq. Enhancement, SPIN Noise Reduction (High, Medium, Low), SPIN
Directionality (Medium Performance), SPIN Engage (High, Medium, Low), Impulse Noise Reduction, Wind Noise Reduction,
Soft Noise Reduction, Adaptive Fedback Canceller, Binaural Coordination, Binaural Noise Management, Adaptation Manager,
Data Logging, Tinnitus SoundSupport,Smart Music Program, Auto Telephone Detection, Dual-Radio System (2.4 GHz and
NFMI), SoundLink 2 App, RC-A Remote Control, TV-A Adapter, Made for iPhone® hearing instrument, Sound Link 2 App.

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