Cheer 20 Custom Hearing Aid

Product ID: LUI150-93

Custom Hearing Aid In-The-Canal (ITC) Cheer

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Let’s hear it for Cheer! With three technology levels, a range of BTE as well as custom devices, and unexpected features like standard wireless connectivity, it’s no wonder Cheer has patients and professionals excited. Pump up your practice with these helpful, shareable materials.

Speech Variable Processing, Phoneme Focus, Envelope Focus, Frquency Bandwidth 8 kHz, Adaptive Feedback Canceller, Soft Noise Reduction, Speech Priority Noise Reduction (3 options), Omni Directionality, Fixed Directionality, Binaural Coordination (Volume & Program Change), Manual Listening Program 4, 5 Environments, Data Logging, Wireless Compatibility (Remote & Soundgate).  

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