Celebrate 100 CIC Custom Hearing Aid

Product ID: LUI150-57

Custom Hearing Aid Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) Celebrate

About | Celebrate 100

There`s always reason to celebrate. Suddenly everyday situations are more meaningful. More memorable. More joyful all around. That’s how you’ll experience life with new Celebrate. Designed with the people and events of everyday lifestyles in mind, Celebrate rises to any occasion. With its spotlight on speech, the flexibility to enjoy more environments, and a wide variety of styles and models, Celebrate is helping more people love how it feels to live it up.

Speech Variable Processing, Freq. Bandwidth 10 kHz, Frequency transfer, Adp. Feedback Canceller, Wind NR, Impulse NR, Soft NR & Speech Priority NR 5 levels , Reverb reduction, Hybrid Adaptive Dir., Adaptive Dir., Binaural Volume & Program change, Environment Classification, 16 Environments, 4 Manual Listening
Programmes, Airplane & custom environment, Non-Telephone Ear Control, 4 Listening Programs, Data Logging, Data Learning, Auto Telephone Detection, Fitting link wireless programming, Push button mute, Speech Priority VC, Audible indicator.

Material :

Vent :

Canal length :

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